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Ready, set, roll-over…

We’ve not been known for our training consistency when it’s come to Anna and Elsa. But there is one command that they have learned to associate with meal-times: “Lay down.” “Roll over.” They don’t receive their food bowls until they’ve done these on command.

When they’re impatient, they’ll do these tricks without us asking. At these times, we’ll laugh, but still ask them to repeat the tricks before they receive their food.

However, getting the girls to do the commands when there haven’t been food bowls in our hands has been somewhat hit or miss, and our latest video shorts of Elsa at these non-meal times had us in stitches, so we thought we’d share them with you, too. Enjoy!

We’ve created a playlist of all our doggie clips. Feel free to check it out over on YouTube. (opens in new tab.)

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