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Freelance writing, proofreading and copy editing

Need help writing your annual family newsletter this year? Or perhaps you have a blog idea you’d like me write about? Care to have us look over your written work as proofreaders or copy editors?

A fresh set of eyes, particularly from our 40-something, expat demographic may yield some great insights for you and some useful experience for us.

For the next few months, I’ll help you write your annual family newsletter for just 50 USD / 40 GBP. For this, you’ll receive a phone consultation where we’ll step through my nine-point process for crafting an annual newsletter so you can tell me about your family highlights. I’ll create an initial draft (up to 1000 words / 2 pages of text) based on our discussion. I’ll send you the draft for review and make any changes, amendments or re-writes before providing you a final copy.

If you would simply like us to review your paper, article or website content, we’d be pleased to discuss your requirements, simply get in touch on the Talk to us page to discuss your project.

Introductory price for up to 1000 words:

US $50 / UK £40

Need some help with your computer?

We’re no experts, but we know how to use most common programmes and apps. Sandy can type quickly and accurately if you have some text that needs to be digitised (or digitized if you’re in the States).

We can discuss the help you need and give you a price to meet the needs of your project or perhaps you’d prefer to have us on speed dial and want to discuss having us on retainer. Depending on your location, we can come to you, or operate remotely, to suit your needs.


If you’ve got Aunt Enid’s prized pottery that just isn’t your style, we can help you get it put up on eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Check out our article about finding treasure around your house.

We can arrange to visit you to see what you’d like to sell and discuss the best option to clear it. In most cases, you’ll retain ownership of the item until it sells and we’ll photograph, weigh and measure the items when we visit. We’ll manage all the listing and shipping logistics and when the items sell, we’ll pay you, *minus all the relevant platform sale fees and our commission.

Reach out on the Talk to Us page, to discuss your inventory.

10% of item sale price*