Our adventures

Do you have a “Bucket List?” A set of things that you want to do or achieve before you die? We do. Over the years, we’ve been really fortunate to tick things off of it, but we’ve also added a lot to it, especially since the start of 2021 when we’ve really started to embrace our life without a mortgage.

Of course, doing stuff usually entails having money with which to do it. So for us, a big part of the adventure will be earning the money to do the stuff that we want to do. As a result, our bucket list and our definition of “adventure” may end up being a little different to the traditional meaning of the word.

The big thing is that we hope to spend more time with Sandy’s family and our friends in the States. So we’ve split our bucket list to reflect that. But, we’re under no illusions. While these are all dreams and possibilities, God has the ultimate plan for our life, and we’re open to whatever opportunities he puts before us. Our purpose in all of our adventures is to glorify God and enjoy all the experiences He puts before us.

Sandy’s bucket list…

In the States:
  • Visit and spend at least one night in each of the 50 States of the US.
  • Buy and sell a hoard, or storage unit Done!
  • Build a greenhouse
  • Create a garden on a bare plot, from scratch Done!
  • Build a drip feed watering system Done!
  • Build a garden “kitchen” for potting and cleaning up after work
  • Build a chicken coop and establish a flock for all our egg needs and some meat
  • Establish a “fluffle” of rabbits for meat production
  • Consider getting ducks to have duck eggs
  • Distill fermented fruit to make spirits
  • Buy a freeze dryer for preserving garden harvests Done!
  • Upcycle the vintage windows from the old chicken coop
In the UK:
  • Use our National Trust membership at least once a month while we’re in the UK
  • Finish the quilt started during lockdown
  • Prepare a monthly meal plan and freeze the meals so they’re all ready to go
  • Read through the entire Bible
  • Get a paid gig writing, editing or proofreading
  • Build a website/blog Done!
  • Use up my craft supplies so I have an excuse to go shopping!
  • Reminder trip to Bulgaria

Phil’s list…

In the States:
  • Visit all the states
  • Create a garden of my own design
  • Use a classic American car along some of Route 66
  • Take a trip into Canada
  • Take Anna and Elsa with us to visit America Done!
  • Re-visit Colorado
  • Go fishing and enjoy eating the “harvest” with Vic’s fish fry
  • Go shooting (clay pigeons!)
In the UK:
  • Re-visit York
  • Meet up with Anna and Elsa’s siblings and their fur parents
  • Visit northern Wales
  • Tour Scotland
  • Visit the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland
  • Use our National Trust membership
International travel:
  • Visit Turkey
  • Reminder tour of Hungary
  • Re-visit the Netherlands’ Floriade festival
  • Re-visit the German Christmas markets
  • Make our own board game
  • Get good at cake baking and decorating
  • Learn to drive a car and get a full driver’s license
  • Finish some cross stitch sewing projects

Phew, that’s a lot of stuff! We wrote our lists separately, without peaking at each others’ lists. There were a few surprises when we reviewed them… Sandy didn’t know Phil was interested in creating a board game; neat idea!

What about you?

Do you have a bucket list of things you’d like to achieve before you die? Or, have you accomplished everything on your list already? Want to share your thoughts? Feel free to reach out on the Talk to us page.

As we start to tick off the items on our list, we’ll add our experiences on our blog, so come back again if you want to see what we’re up to.