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We bought a freeze dryer!

Chalk up progress on an item from our bucket list! Back in 2021, as we were dreaming of the possibilities for the next chapter of our life, Phil and I purchased a freeze dryer and Dad took delivery of it for us back in July 2021. But it has sat, since then, in his storage container, waiting for us to come home and get it set up and running.

We bought a medium-sized Harvest Right freeze dryer. We’ve watched loads of reviews and videos about this machine, and are particularly grateful to Living Traditions Homestead and Retired at 40 who have taught us so much about this way of preserving food. We’re excited to try it for ourselves!

Ultimately, we’re looking forward to freeze drying lots of Dad’s great cooking. His chili, and soups, and spaghetti, and pulled pork are second to none. I love the idea that in 25 years, Dad’s legacy of being an amazing cook could still be benefitting Annette and I.

And I have memories of loving freeze dried peaches that were like candy from my childhood so I want to freeze dry all the fruit to experience those fun textures again.

In the next week or so, Dad and I will be going out to a place in Indiana that is selling a nice, heavy duty metal maintenance cabinet that is on casters and has six drawers and a nice counter top; it will make an excellent spot to set up our freeze drying station.

We plan to initially set it up in the basement utility room area which has a floor drain into which the water can easily drain away. We’ll be sure to add pictures and perhaps an unboxing video to show you our experience of getting the machine up and running.

What about you?

Who knows, maybe in the future, you’ll be able to purchase our freeze dried foods for yourself? What freeze dried food would you like to try? Share your thoughts with us below.