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New use for an old bedsheet

In our new business of buying storage units at auction and reselling the inventory, we can predict a few items that are present in nearly every unit we win. One of those predictable items is bedsheets.

And of course, they’re rarely brand new. But that’s okay. When they’re washed, if they fit on one of our beds, we put them into circulation and reuse them. But, if they’re not workable in our home, then I assess my fabric stash and my rag bag and decide whether to keep them for crafting or cleaning, or donating to Amvets who are able to resell or recycle the fabric by the ton.

One of our recent storage unit’s had half a dozen bedsheets that needed to be sorted through and I ended up keeping back several for use as craft projects. While I have enough rags in the rag basket at the moment, I seem to have misplaced the dust mop cover that came with my favourite dust mop, so I decided to try to fashion some replacement covers.

At first, I thought to use old towels (we get a lot of those in storage units, too), but I found that the towel fabric was a bit too thick for my sewing machine, and I didn’t want to have all the palaver of making the bias tape that would be needed to trim out the edges to keep them from fraying.

Old bedsheets are also a good solution for someone who is just learning how to sew, too. As a woven fabric, they’re easy to square up and you don’t have to be worried about not having enough material if you mess up. Plus, these DIY dust mop covers are just sewing in straight lines, with no pesky curves or bias issues to try to navigate like you’d get with clothing.

So, take a few moments to watch my video on making dust mop covers and whip up a few of these for your dust mop, too. They’re quick, easy, and will give your cleaning a little boost as you use what you’ve made.

Picture of Sandy in her craft room holding her dust mop with the caption, DIY Dust Mops
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Happy crafting!