I thought life outside of the daily “9 to 5” would be slower paced. I was wrong. Here we are, two full years past our corporate jobs and life feels fuller and faster. There is no longer a daily grind — which is wonderful; but as the days pass and various important projects don’t get progressed, I’m left wondering why; since we don’t have the excuse of all-consuming careers anymore!

What we have instead is inventory from over a dozen abandoned storage units that we’ve purchased at auction, a growing eBay shop, and over 100 videos on our YouTube channel chronicling what we’ve been up to since we made the decision to change our path back in March of 2021. Our blog, with our thoughts, recipes and pictures is still here and gets updates when the mood strikes.

Yard Sale Updates

If you would like to receive an email or text update when we put on our next sale, use the Talk to Us form to share your contact details and we’ll let you know as soon as we’re confident that the weather is planning to co-operate on our planned sale weekends.

Also, be sure to tell us if there’s anything specific you’re looking for and we’ll try to help you find it… whether that’s old hunting and fishing gear, or old canvas tents, or even smoking paraphernalia — we never know what we’re going to come across in the storage units we win.

From our blog…